Fugitive Methane

Old, New and Future Funding for Environment and Climate Change: The Role of Development Cooperation

The report gives an overview of environment and climate change financing. It discusses the roles of public and private sector, the role of financial markets and the management, allocation and delivery of finance. Furthermore, it also discusses the role of development cooperation in relation to climate change and other environmental financing. Finally, it presents recommendations for Swedish development cooperation.

Bilateral Finance Institutions and Climate Change: A Mapping of Climate Portfolios

The working paper is of  high relevance to negotiators in the context of climate change finance under the UNFCCC and to countries seeking financing for their low-carbon growth and adaptation strategies. It also informs the debate of "new and additional" and the future role of bilateral financing institutions under UNFCCC article 11.5.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in India: Financial mechanisms and opportunities for EU-India collaboration

Successful EU and India collaboration will necessarily be focused in areas of common interest. While a primary aim of the EU is to catalyse large GHG emission reductions, India’s key interests are in supporting economic development and enhancing technology transfer. Areas of collaboration must therefore lie at the intersection of these objectives. This report recommends several specific areas that could prove productive sites for collaboration between the parties.


COMFAR III, UNIDO's multilingual software for project analysis, facilitates the financial and economic appraisal of investment projects. It simulates the short- and long-term financial situation of investment projects, from new investments to rehabilitation, expansion, privatization and joint-venture projects. The tool can be applied for industrial and non-industrial projects of any size from small and medium up to large-scale and provides support for the analysis of CDM/JI projects.

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) tool

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

US EPA has published a GHG calculator in order to assist users in accounting for their GHG emissions.

The Little Green Data Book

The Little Green Data Book is a pocket-sized ready reference on key environmental data for over 200 economies. Key indicators are organized under the headings of agriculture, forestry, biodiversity, energy, emission and pollution, and water and sanitation.  

UNDP Environmental Finance Services

This compilation of brochures details a number of project finance programs available through UNDP with examples of funded projects.

UNDP MDG Carbon Facility - Approach to Financing

An informational document guiding project proponents through the MDG Carbon Facility financing process for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This document may also be useful for project developers not seeking Facility support but still considering using the CDM.

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