Renewable Energy

CDM PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls

This publication (2008) provides detailed guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls that CDM project proponents fall into when preparing a CDM Project Design Document, during the implementation of the project and when reporting emission reductions.

Guidebook to Financing CDM Projects

This publication serves as a guide for project developers on obtaining financing for the implementation of CDM activities and demonstrates typical approaches and methods for appraising the viability of CDM projects.  

Increasing Access to the Carbon Market

This brochure (2008) provides an overview of the UNEP Risoe Centre's Energy and Carbon Finance Program and its activities related to carbon finance and the CDM that help developing countries promote sustainable energy.

Overview of UNEP's CDM Activities

This brochure presents an overview of UNEP's CDM technical assistance and capacity building activities. (2007)

The Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Renewable Energy Finance

This study examines the impact of the global financial crisis on the renewable energy sector drawing upon both survey-based empirical research and transaction-based data analysis.  

Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2009 Report

This annual report (2009) released by UNEP SEFI and New Energy Finance provides an overview of capital flows and an analysis of the trends in sustainable energy investment activity.  

Public Finance Mechanisms to Catalyse Sustainable Energy Sector Growth

This report examines public finance mechanisms being used around the world to help increase investment in sustainable energy and to catalyse market growth.  

CEObriefings (UNEP-FI)

A series of short reports on climate change finance by the Climate Change Working Group (CCWG) of the UNEP Finance Initiative. (2005-2008)

KfW/AFD Rural Solar Photovoltaic Electrification Project (Morocco)

In June 2002, Morocco's Office National de l'Electricité (ONE) entered into a fee-for-service partnership with a renewable energy services company (RESCO) to electrify rural households by using solar PV systems to produce electricity. The RESCO is responsible for the installation and maintenance of solar equipment as well as the collection of users' fees in 24 of Morocco's 62 prefectures and provinces.

In the fee-for-service model, customers pay an initial connection fee and a monthly service fee. ONE also provides an equipment subsidy to consumers that enables the partnership to offer electrical service at affordable rates, by offsetting the high installation and maintenance costs associated with solar home systems.

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