Renewable Energy

UNDP Environmental Finance Services

This compilation of brochures details a number of project finance programs available through UNDP with examples of funded projects.

UNDP MDG Carbon Facility - Approach to Financing

An informational document guiding project proponents through the MDG Carbon Facility financing process for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This document may also be useful for project developers not seeking Facility support but still considering using the CDM.

UNEP Climate Change Strategy

The strategy is built on the analysis of UNEP's political mandate, the existing portfolio of climate change activities and the areas of distinctiveness.

A Reformed CDM - Including new Mechanisms for Sustainable Development (UNEP/CD4CDM)

A collection of thirteen papers considering CDM reform in a post-2012 climate regime, this edition of the perspectives series focuses on four issues: sustainable development and equity, institutional reform, expansion of project categories and scaling up mitigation. (2008)

CDM PDD Guidebook: Navigating the Pitfalls

This publication (2008) provides detailed guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls that CDM project proponents fall into when preparing a CDM Project Design Document, during the implementation of the project and when reporting emission reductions.

Guidebook to Financing CDM Projects

This publication serves as a guide for project developers on obtaining financing for the implementation of CDM activities and demonstrates typical approaches and methods for appraising the viability of CDM projects.  

Increasing Access to the Carbon Market

This brochure (2008) provides an overview of the UNEP Risoe Centre's Energy and Carbon Finance Program and its activities related to carbon finance and the CDM that help developing countries promote sustainable energy.

Overview of UNEP's CDM Activities

This brochure presents an overview of UNEP's CDM technical assistance and capacity building activities. (2007)

The Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Renewable Energy Finance

This study examines the impact of the global financial crisis on the renewable energy sector drawing upon both survey-based empirical research and transaction-based data analysis.  

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