EIB North-South Water Conveyor (Jordan)

The project is a bulk water extraction and conveyor system including a 325 km pipeline, pumping 100 million cubic meters of potable water annually, running south-north in the Kingdom, from Disi-Mudawwara (an aquifer close to the Saudi border) to the Greater Amman area.

The project aims at improving water supply infrastructure in order to address the water scarcity issue, an important natural constraint to Jordan’s economic growth and development. This project also provides for the re-allocation of current supplies to other Governorates, and for the conservation of Highland aquifers that have been depleted due to over-abstraction.

Climate Finance in the Urban Context: Costs of Adaptation and Mitigation in Cities

Climate Finance in the Urban Context: Costs of Adaptation and Mitigation in Cities looks at potential financing opportunities and costs of mitigation and adaptation in the urban context. Wide-ranging potential sources for finance for climate action are described, and suggestions are made for more effective responses to climate investment challenges in cities.

IFC: Climate Risk and Financial Institutions

Climate change creates risks and opportunities for the private sector in emerging markets, and may impact the performance of financial institutions and the companies they invest in. Recognizing knowledge gaps in how climate change will affect the private sector over shorter time horizons, IFC has published Climate Risk and Financial Institutions, a publication that covers climate-related risks material to financial institutions, including commercial banks, institutional investors, and international financial institutions.

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