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Climate Change Open Data Platform

The Climate Change Open Data Platform serves as a one stop shop for data and content on climate change-, energy-, and environment-related topics. 

Finanzas Carbono

Finanzas Carbono, the Carbon Finance Platform for Latin America is an initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in collaboration with the World Bank Institute and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The main objectives of the Carbon Finance Platform are to: (1) Strengthen the capacity of key actors in the public and private sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean, to participate actively in the carbon markets (both compliance and voluntary carbon markets); (2) Support the decision making based on lessons learned, best practices and information sharing; (3)


EUROCLIMA, a joint environmental programme of the EU and Latin America, has launched its new website, as well as the second issue of its newsletter, which focuses on water and climate change in Latin America. EUROCLIMA aims to help improve the knowledge of Latin American decision makers and scientists regarding the impact of climate change in the region, so as to facilitate integration of the issue within sustainable development strategies.

HEDON (Household Energy Network)

HEDON Household Energy Network is the leading knowledge sharing and networking NGO for household energy solutions in developing countries. HEDON focuses on sustainable energy at household and community level, to improve the lives of people living in poverty while protecting the natural environment and combating climate change. HEDON informs and enables the work of its members through information sharing, learning, networking, and facilitation of partnerships. It also contains various embedded tools, a technology wiki, and discussion forums.

Climpag (FAO)

Climpag is aimed at bringing together the various aspects and interactions between weather, climate and agriculture in the general context of food security. As per FAO basic texts, the word agriculture includes crops and grasslands, livestock husbandry, forestry and fisheries. The Climpag website contains information under the headings of Advice and Warnings; Climate Change; Climatic Indicators; Data and Maps; Hotspots; Natural Disasters.

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