Green Investment Resources: Professional Home Energy Audits

Energy audits are a simple and easy way to save money and improve your overall home comfort. An energy assessment will provide significant details to assess the ways in which your home utilizes energy. By conducting a room-by-room examination of a residence and a thorough review of past utility bills, a professional can better understand the areas of your home which generate the most waste and cost the most money.

When conducting a home energy audit, the professional will conduct a series of tests. This can include a blower door test, a thermographic scan, and a PFT air infiltration measurement. Utilizing infrared cameras, digital probe thermometers, draft gauges, and a variety of other tools, the auditor will assess a variety of factors leading to energy waste. They will analyze fuel bills, interview the homeowner, conduct an exterior inspection, conduct a health and safety inspection, provide an interior visual inspection, assess your electrical system, inspect your combustion appliances, provide the blower door test, analyze the findings, and generate a comprehensive home energy report.

A professional home energy audit can result in savings of between 5% and 30% off your energy bill. The auditor will target areas of your home in need of energy efficient upgrades, allow you to strategically update the building according to savings and environmental impact. An energy audit is the first step to cutting energy bills and making environmentally conscious updates to your home. For more information, see Energy.Gov’s helpful infographic on home energy audits.