Funding Organization: ADB Climate Change Fund (CCF)


Total Amount USD 50 million
Financing Mechanisms Co-financing , Grant , Technical assistance
Qualifying Projects Adaptation , Mitigation, Agriculture , Disaster Risk Reduction , Energy , Energy Efficiency , Forestry , Populations & Human Settlements , Renewable Energy , Sustainable Land Management , Transport , Urban , Water
Eligibility CCF resources are used to service developing member countries(DMCs) and can be tapped through ADB’s operations department.

Funding Objectives

In May 2008, the CCF was established to facilitate greater investments in ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) to effectively address the causes and consequences of climate change. Through CCF, ADB provides grants to projects through technical assistance, or investments in the private and public sectors.  In total, CCF dedicated $30 million towards mitigation activities—to lower carbon emissions, $14 million for adaptation activities—to build resilience, and $6 million for pilot activities in reducing emissions from deforestation and land degradation (REDD).

Financing Mechanisms

CCF is Grant Finance made available through ADB to its operational departments.

Application Procedures

CCF resources are used to service DMCs and can be tapped through ADB’s operations department. Applications are reviewed in batches. Due dates for applications are:

  1. 31 January
  2. 31 March
  3. 31 May
  4. 31 July
  5. 30 September
  6. 30 November
Project Types

The following types of activities may qualify for Climate Change Fund support:

  • Preparation of relevant strategies or action plans for ADB, its regional departments, and DMCs
  • Investment in climate change mitigation or adaptation measures
  • Development of knowledge products and services related to climate change
  • Facilitating knowledge management activities, including regional conferences and workshops
  • Funding to off-set ADB’s corporate carbon footprint
Decision-making structure

The Fund Manager will review the applications to ensure that they comply with the Implementation Guidelines for the use of funds and the eligibility criteria. If the application complies, the Fund Manager will include it in the batch for circulation to the appropriate working group, the Clean Energy Working Group or Adaptation and Land Use Working Group. The working groups will have 7 working days for review, comment, and endorsement. Once completed, the Fund Manager will forward the batch to the Climate Change Steering Committee to approve the allocation of resources from the CCF.