Shifting Focus: Sustainable Fishing

We mostly focus on the mechanics of home finance with our content. It’s what we know and an easy place for us to speak from. However, the questions we are most often asked in comments and when talking with friends and colleagues mainly circle around something we refer to as “But Can It Work?” with respect to businesses. What we mean here is that people often get defensive when it’s put to them that their business isn’t green or environmentally sustainable, adding carbon to the atmosphere and likely warming the earth. When we offer them solutions for their business or a potential business, they ofte retreat into a space where they say, “Yeah, but can it work?”

Translation: Can I still make plenty of money if I do things sustainably?

While we have tried offering retrofit concepts to current businesses that are resistant to change, we’d instead like to offer up a very pure example of a company in an industry that is otherwise thought not to be sustainable: fishing.

Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild is located on Lummi Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

Their fishing operation is on this island, while their prepping and packaging is in Bellingham, WA on the main land.

They use a process for their wild salmon fishing called Reefnetting. You can read about it in the previous link, but it’s likely better explained through their own video: